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Pricing for Weddings

Pricing for Wedding DJ Services in Houston, Tx ?

  • Our standard Wedding investment begins at $800 for four hours and includes the following-
    • 4 hours of DJ services (ceremony usually not included)
    • Professionally dressed DJ/MC that’ll include all announcements.
    • Worksheets for Itinerary with Reception Coordination Assistance.
    • There is no fee for set-up and delivery.
    • Dance floor lighting. As a matter of fact, every one of our events, even at minimum should stand out therefore, it’s our standard!
  • Pricing varies depending on location of venue and if the venue is out of our service area, there is a traveling fee. We do travel so every fee is different.
  • You’ll possibly need sound and a microphone for the ceremony. This is something that we also provide starting as low as $150 for sound, equipment and an hour of time needed.
  • Additional Hours of Services begin at $100/hr based on the need.
  • The size of the venue may also impact pricing based on sound needed to accommodate the number of guests.
  • Production style services may also be requested resulting in high level theatrical type ambience.

Wedding Photo Booth Pricing In Houston, Tx

  • Photo Booth Services to Create Memories!
    • Open Air Photo Booth (Backdrop Pipe and Drape)
    • Mirror Booth
    • Enclosed Photo Booth
    • LED Wall Photo Booth
  • Prices vary, beginning at $399 for the standard booth.
    • Booths come with 2×6 unlimited prints and 4×6 are an optional upgrade for a small fee.
    • Props for Guests to Use
    • USB or Photo Album with copies
    • Personalized design for the Photo Strip
    • Professionally Dressed Attendant
  • Additional Hours are $125.00 each.

Monograms (Name Displays on the Wall or Floor), Houston , Tx Pricing

  • Classic/Standard Monogram Projection begins at a reasonable $175.00.
  • Over 50 designs to choose from
  • Great for Photos!
  • Animated Monograms begin at $350.00. (next level)
  • Assessment of Venue to ensure a monogram will display great either on the wall or dance floor.

Wedding Dance- Dancing on The Clouds / Dancing on a Cloud , Houston, Texas Pricing

  • Magical Enhancement that blows minds away, begin at only $225 for the Bride and Groom’s first dance.
  • Additional Dances are $150.00 each.
  • Create a lifetime memory with both video and photo captures by your selected photographer/videographer
  • Free Assessment and Communication with venue management to see if this effect is permitted.

Uplighting , Houston , Texas Pricing

  • Pricing begins at $300.00 for guest up to 150.
  • Free assessment of venue for accurate pricing.
  • Add an overall enhanced ambiance to any venue!
  • Set Up and Delivery
  • Unlimited Color options
  • Lights can move to the beat, strobe and/or stay on one static color.

Package Pricing

  • Because every event is unique and varies based on request, packages will be priced based on services selected and other variables. Give us a call! Or text or email : )

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