Just The Way You Like It!

We are the best option and that’s because we cater to You. As a result, You love it! Your Wedding Your Way.

Wedding DJ & The Few, The Proud, The Married Marines! And Us : )

Remember that scene on Top Gun when they all sang You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling and You wish that could’ve been you?

Well, the love was definitely not lost this night at the Medlin wedding and it better not have been lol; However, their reenactment was awesome! As a result, a night full of memories.

Oh, these were not pilots like Top Gun, rather, they were The Few, The Proud, the Marines! Both Bride and Groom and their devil dog brothers.

This was definitely one for the books!

Personalized Service Because You Deserve It!

Being DJ’s, we truly have the pleasure of providing DJ, Photo Booth Services or whatever is needed for our customers and to their standards. Furthermore, we have repetitive business because of it but we love new customers too!

Every event is different!

We make it different! You want it to be different and it’s what makes you, You!

Everything was amazing. From the flash cards of jokes that were written down for each bridesmaid and groomsmen that I announced to the interactive ‘Pass the Mic!’ Sing alongs. As a result, their review of their wedding at the end of the video says it all.

Did I mention the Conga Line that exited their venue onto the lobby and back into their venue? There were other events going on at this venue and in fact, at the end of the night, many were saying ‘you guys had a blast in there!’ and Yes we did! We ALL did!

Traditional or Not Traditional

This is Your Special Day! Make it Yours,
Make it Fun but Make it Count!
If it’s one thing that we’ve noticed over the years is that traditional is not so traditional anymore. We think that it’s a good thing!
Don’t get us wrong, if traditional is You, we’ll do traditional. All of your order of events can be just that. It’ll still be amazing too because all weddings generally are.
We execute your vision.
Many times customers ask ‘can we do this instead of that? Do we HAVE to do things this way?’
NO! We do it Just Like You Like It!
Ok, that’s Whataburger but hey! We’re DJ’s In TEXAS, not Cali!
Ok, totally different debate and conversation all together.

What Do You Envision?

To answer the question of how to do things and how they should be done, no one knows your personalities, your friends, family etc., more than You because the people that you’re inviting are the most closest and most dear to you.

You know You as well and that’s more important!

Bride’s dreams need to be carried how they need it to happen and not how they think it should happen based on past experiences of what you’ve typically seen.

Make it You!

Heck, the event photo that you see above? We even had beer bongs that the groom and best man each had as their way of celebrating the last hurrah, ok maybe ‘Oorah!’ as single men, lol.

Unless, you like to play it safe and are a bit more conservative, then by all means, a nice intimate traditional wedding is beautiful in its own right.

I say all that to say this (one of my good friends always says that saying and now its sticking, lol)
No matter what event you are having, make it what you want. We can carry out what you tell us to.

We’re also going to give our recommendations on what we feel will compliment your wedding and give thoughts and ideas of what we feel is conducive to your goals.


This blog may not offer anything more than a reassurance of what you may have already been thinking. If it helps, then we’re good with it! We hope that all events In Houston , Sugar Land  or in Belize, for that matter, is the best ever! Ultimately, do You!

Ok, all this writing has built up an appetite within me; Therefore, we’ll see you at the next blog!

Now all of a sudden, a Whataburger with mayo instead of mustard, with sliced jalapeños inside sounds great! Just The Way I Like It! : )

Check our availability by sending us an email. We’re very responsive and would love to see how you envision Your Special Day!

We are willing to make that dream reality!
May God Bless Your Union! and God Bless these United States of America!

We’re proud supporters of our United States Military.

Here’s the video of that night

Special Event Entertainment!



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