How to choose a DJ for your event

How to choose a DJ in Houston for your Wedding and or other events.

As a result from reading this publication, you’ll be making the best decision resulting in great results.

So who do I hire after all and why?

Guy Scenario: You’re the coach of a football team, it’s fourth and goal with 3 seconds left on the clock of the fourth quarter. You need a to make the play.  You begin to doubt your decisions.  There’s a lot at stake.  You might as well go with your best player right? Therefore, please read and make the best play possible.

Girl Scenario: My day, the day of my dream therefore it has to be special, perfect and everything I ever imagined it to be…even down to the music! Darn it! Who do I go with?!

Can you say PRESSURE!!!?

So who do you hire? Let me help you out because this IS the one event that matters most!


Every DJ has their own individual style and personality so make sure your decision is based on the best fit and not necessarily the cheapest DJ available.

The trick to picking a Wedding DJ In Houston is choosing someone who makes you feel confident and in return these results will show tremendously. Someone who you know is going to MAKE (not break) your event because of their unmatchable talent and experience.

The DJ should most importantly match your personalities, styles and ideas. In other words; They need to Capture Your Vision and see it to perfection.


#1      You want Your day to be, just that, YOUR DAY!

#2      You want to be comfortable with the company that you select to provide entertainment for you and your loved ones.

#3      You’re paying for it!  Make sure to get your money’s worth.

To be Cheap or not to be Cheap!

Now, very importantly, please do not expect much from a Houston DJ Company that may charge $250.00-$500.00 for your wedding reception.  You may get lucky and have a diamond in the rough, but it’s simply that.  Are you willing to take that chance on your Dream Day?

When I was coming up as a Houston DJ In the business, about two years into it, I had a family member bypass me for a Radio Jock.  Why not?  They’re professionals, they know what they’re doing.  They work for the radio station for crying out loud!

I still smile remembering that day.  The DJ showed up with two CD Walkmans hooked up to a small mixer and some speakers that couldn’t accommodate the venue and a small beacon (police) light.  He wasn’t too great either.  Just because you are a radio jock doesn’t make you a great wedding DJ by default. Gotta give him credit though, he made around $600.00 (fifteen years ago) for playing during band breaks and got away with it.


Here’s the thing.  Many of us have experience and are versatile to carry out any event.  Others have experience with only certain genres and styles.  What’s best for you will ultimately be your decision, but let us help you in making that decision.

Things to look for on how to choose a DJ

First, a DJ in Houston should be very responsive and this is usually the first impression.

If you are inquiring about their services and are waiting for a response either e-mail or phone call, you should receive a call within 24-48 hours.  Therefore, If you receive a response sooner, even better.


The DJ should make you feel comfortable and confident.  See if you and your fiance’ click with the DJ.  It’s nice to create a relationship with your entertainment provider.  This also makes for better and more effective communication.  Usually, when we are beginning the introductions, the bride and groom are not as nervous and are actually more excited than ever.  Part of that has to do with that bond we’ve created with them.  They will also lean to you, because after all, you’ve done this many times.  They haven’t and they now have trust in you to get them through it.


See if the DJ can actually prove his services to you.  This is extremely important and will help you on how to choose a dj. This may happen by way of seeing them perform before at an event, seeing if they have a music mix of what they can do or even video testimonials.  I’m a very big fan of gig log/video testimonies.  Why? pretty easy, they capture the bride and groom’s true thoughts.  Testimonials can be written in many blogs, reviews, websites, etc.but wouldn’t you rather see this in video? It sure as heck proves its validity.

With video testimonials/gig logs, you also get to see the DJ in action and also see how he/she mixes their music and how the crowd reacts to it. As a result, this should give you an idea of what to expect.


Now don’t get me wrong, there are other factors to consider, such as appearance, puntuality, quality of equipment, wedding planning forms, etc. on how to choose a dj; However, I do believe this may also be captured in the intial meeting, events and in the videos they provide, if they do in fact provide them. Furthermore, even DJ’s referred should be researched as well.

There you have it!



Now that you have more insight and hopefully, confidence,  you will know more on how to choose a dj.

We hope your Houston DJ really gives you an unforgettable night of fun and excitement!

Jaime Martinez

Wedding DJ In Houston, Tx

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