#1. Houston Wedding DJ

The theme of our young couple, #1. We offered the best Wedding DJ for our #1 couple! We recently performed at a wedding.
Well duh! Isn’t that what you always do?
Yes; however, this wedding was different. Not because of the venue nor the people because they are All always awesome! And I was not paid to say that. Ok, kind of, but we do not like to say ‘no’ to special requests. NOT DEMANDS but requests.
If you are getting demands, then maybe that rapport with you and your customers wasn’t truly built for success.

Raising the Bar. #1

At times we feel like we have enough to get the job done, which trust me it’s more than most can match but our hearts and commitment to this service that we provide also trumps mediocrity. It has to be on point! ‘#1’ and that just so happened to be the theme of this young and beautiful couple that hired us for their Special Day.
They were so excited about their wedding that, how could you not help make it magical and go the extra mile?
We felt like this beautiful couple even helped us elevate our game. That’s Good Stuff!

The Wedding

The Event took place at the beautiful Sam Hotel where we provided Photo Booth Services, Uplighting Services and DJ Services in Houston, Texas.

The room was very elegant in every way imaginable. Overlooking the streets of downtown Houston with a beautiful and romantic setting that brought you closer to the the love one that accompanied you that evening.

We won’t go much further into detail; however, watch the video of their event and SEE! for yourself. This was back when we were Mobile Club DJ’s. We are the same people with a different name! We changed the name to match the theme of what we do! Different! Hence the catchphrase SEE! THE DIFFERENCE! Therefore, we’ll always elevate ourselves in this game. The #1 Houston Wedding DJ.

You’ve been in this game for a long time and still raising the bar? Yup! That’s what we do and what people have to do to keep that #1 status.
You need to continue to improve in all that you do to be relevant and a little extra to be prevalent. Our Customers push us to be the #1 Houston Wedding DJ.

Congrats to these two! Now the #1 unit, Mr. & Mrs. Rodriguez


Best Wishes To All
Jaime & Amanda

Special Event Entertainment!

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