Wedding DJ In Houston Texas and Where to Set Up?

Let’s discuss topics based on Wedding DJs In Houston Tx and where they should set up and why?

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Where should the DJ set up?

The good ole ‘Where should the DJ set up?’ 

It’s a common question for brides and venues about their wedding DJ’s.

It’s usually asked closer to the event date and when all tables are accounted for by guests; therefore, leaving the DJ in the most peculiar places.

This is counterproductive and not conducive to providing the best possible entertainment for you and your guests.

Always remember your entertainment.

The cake has its own space, glorified under spotlights; however it stays in one area.

The Candy Bar, H’orderves, and the gift table has its claimed space and doesn’t move.

But hey! we’ll fit the DJ where we can. ‘That corner over there behind all the tables works!’

Nobody puts DJ in the corner! Ok, sometimes Yes and that’s OK! BUT…..

Why should the DJ set up there?

First, the Wedding DJ, IS the center of attention alongside the bride and groom.

The DJ is the one making announcements, working with the photographers, venue management, coordinator, entertaining guests, checking up on the bride and groom, etc. Well, at least we do and the few Houston Wedding DJs that we recommend do, too. 

We’re professional and not to be compared to Bar or Club DJs; they’re Professionals in their own right! Heck, bars and clubs is where we started many moons ago; However, Wedding DJs here in Houston as in all other areas hold a prestige, earned title and for a reason! Your Wedding!

Take this into consideration when deciding where the DJ should be set up. 

To begin with, it’s really easy. Ask the DJ? Your Houston DJ Company SHOULD be involved!

They should evaluate and assess the space to which area will be the most effective for them to be successful.

Professional Wedding DJs In Houston will tell you exactly where they should go or at least plead their case as to why they should be set up where they’re requesting.

DJ’s are not always involved in this process so here are the things that we look for that’ll hopefully, also help you or the coordinator.

Things to look for-


We need to know where the power outlets are and depending on what we’re bringing also determines the amount of power needed.

Have the DJ set up near several power outlets so the more the better!

You don’t want your Wedding DJ running extension cords, creating safety hazards everywhere just to connect his equipment.


The DJ will be making many announcements and they need a clear pathway to the dance floor and other areas from their booth.

Do not put tables in front of them obstructing their view.

Many DJ’s struggle when making introductions because they can’t see what’s going on and their timing is thrown off due to people blocking their path to the dance floor, resulting in sometimes, disasters so beware of this.

The Wedding DJ is there to interact with your guests but it’s hard for the DJ to do that if they’re  stuck in the corner behind everyone.

As a result, some DJ’s disconnect with the audience; therefore, keep the DJ where THEY can be effective and not where the coordinator always feels he/she may go.

Do not have the DJ upstairs overlooking downstairs. This is the worse, in my opinion so don’t cheat them from showcasing their talent.

Ideal Spots to Set Up

On stage, corners near the dance floor or opposite side of bride and groom, against a wall with power outlets are ideal spots resulting in best practice but we can’t emphasize enough to not block them.


The DJ should setup where they won’t get in Guests way at the end of the night when breaking down their equipment and loading onto their trailer, truck, etc.

In Conclusion

DJ’s need to be involved or they should ask to be involved in the process when it comes to the venue.

After reading this, you’ll have an idea as to where is a good area for the DJ prior to having tables arranged.

If it’s too late for the DJ to set up where they can be the most effective and there is no work-around then the DJ will just have to make it work. Great ones always do.

Besides we’re NOT the center of attention…. but kinda! lol

We can make it happen!

Let’s Do This!

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