You’re the A DJ with two left feet?

YES, GIRL! I’m a DJ with two left feet. Lol, but Not quite.

If it’s one thing I always say is ‘nothing comes good out of rushing! Consequently, you’ll see it mentioned again later because it’s that important so read on!

We had the privilege of providing DJ Services for a Wedding in Houston for Mr. & Mrs. Galvan and they were a young, genuine, extremely nice, filled with love, fun couple.

Saturday morning  and the day of their wedding, our daughter’s regional band competition took place and mom and dad had to definitely go show love and support.

Being that the venue only allows set-ups within a certain time frame, we figured we’d go to her competition and then set up and rock the party!

By the way, our daughter did great and made us very proud parents!

Slow Down Because Nothing Good Comes From Rushing! Especially with two left feet!

Amanda and I go home, grab our clothes, hitch up the trailer and out the door again because we love our kids and also love entertaining.

Once we arrive at the venue, it’s now time to have to really get in gear because we only have a two-hour window to set everything up. Mind you, we have multiple setups.

First, DJ equipment.

Second, Photo booth, the best in Houston: )

Third, Uplights and a monogram to finish giving it that pop!

In other words, no time to fool around and it’s all work no play.

Close to wrapping up, we get hungry, therefore Amanda decides that she’ll go pick up something for us to eat so I stay behind to finish up.  Sure, we’re asked to eat all of the time, but our mindset is kinda old school to where we eat before our events.

By now you’re probably thinking, what’s up with the two left feet?

Well, she leaves, I finish up and ok, time to get in my best threads! We’re now minutes away from guests arriving. My suit goes on, I do a double Windsor on the tie, look in the mirror, do the old school 90210 Steve Sanders eyebrow signature move and say ‘You Sexy Beast!’

Last thing to do is switch shoes so I take off my New Balance 574’s and put on the wingtips, besides, my running shoes aren’t the best professional look for a wedding. Nike Airforce One’s? maybe.

Anyway, I try putting on my wingtips then I notice that something just doesn’t feel right. I try jamming my foot into my shoe and now I’m thinking that I must have a sock in it so I look down and low and behold,

The quirks of having a couple of the same pairs of shoes.

The Shoe’s on the Other Foot!

Now, I call my wife. She’s out grabbing grub and I tell her of my situation. Her response “you can’t just wear them like that?” REALLY? Let the shoe be on the other foot! It was!

I’d try walking but it’ll result in me going in circles because of the two left shoes. You get it, right? I know it was corny.

Well, she goes to Payless and sends me photos of the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen. It was difficult pickinga pair. I tell her to grab the cheapest.

I share my story with the Bride and Groom. They laugh and say that I look fine. Like I said, they’re a young, genuine, extremely nice, filled with love, fun couple.

These shoes were way too big, looked like something someone’s grandpa would wear but on the bright side, they were comfortable. As a result, it got the job done.

Mission accomplished! My wife does it again! So, more about that later.

A dj with Two left feet? No. Two left shoes? Yes?

Bustin Moves!

When it comes to DJ’s in Houston that not only have mixing skills but dance skills too? With this combination it can sometimes be a party! Amanda and I are actually pretty good dancers. As a matter of fact, here’s a video of old school dances we did a while back.

Enjoy! or Laugh! or Cry : (

We’ll see you at Your Next Event!

Bustin Moves!Please like & share!

Posted by Amanda Garza Martinez on Sunday, March 26, 2017