It’s better to Turn Up than to Turn Down! TURN DOWN FOR WHAT ?

The Right Tools for The Right Job!

Turn down for what??? So, we had the luxury of being able to attend a wedding and listening to a DJ in Houston over the weekend. The venue was nice and HUGE!

It accommodated 600+ people. The reception was awesome- Dinner was delish, drinks were nice and cold.

It’s toast time and we notice something. During dinner, it’s pretty normal to not have the music too loud and at a desired volume since everyone is having dinner but then came toast time.

The announcements were made by the DJ and it wan’t until the third announcement that he grabbed everyone’s attention.

This is because the best man and maid of honor couldn’t hear what was going on when the DJ called them forward as requested by the bride and groom.

The DJ didn’t have enough sound to accommodate for the size of the venue and didn’t take consideration the amount of people or simply didn’t know.

When they gave their speeches, several things happened because of the lack of sound.

1. It wasn’t loud enough. People in the back couldn’t hear.

2. The microphones screeched with feedback because the Wedding DJ didn’t properly manage mic levels.

3. People were annoyed.

This was just the toast portion. During the dance, there were more people and less sound. They kept telling the DJ to Turn it Up but all he could do was Turn the people Down, for the sake of not blowing his speakers and also avoiding distortion.

Quality over All Else! It Matters!

We’re fans of sound! We carry speakers that really pack a punch. Top of the line JBL’s and/or QSC’s and the high series. Not the lower end base models that most of the time are manufactured with the cheapest parts and speakers but the concert industry models. Sure go ahead,  look them up : )

It doesn’t matter the type of event, size of venue. If we NEED to get loud we will and clearly too. We are professional Wedding DJ’s in Houston that take all scenarios into consideration.

Know what you get into before committing to these $399, 6hr packages. Ask as many questions as you can but also provide as much info as you can as well so that the DJ can better prepare himself for these types of large events.

We, on the other hand, like to Turn it Up, not Turn you Down!


Jaime & Amanda Martinez

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