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Sunday Weddings In Houston Tx are very popular amongst couples and we’ll give you our 5 reasons to have your wedding on a Sunday. 

Having your wedding on a Sunday is actually smart and can save you several thousand dollars in some cases. 

There is a huge difference as to why you should have your wedding on a Sunday versus Friday or Saturday.

We list Five reasons to have Your wedding on A Sunday.


Number One Is Pricing


Of the 5 Reasons to have Your Wedding on Sunday, which is the most appealing and possibly the most important? You guess it! Pricing!

Sundays are not a prime night like a Saturday or even a Friday. Because of this, you should reach out to your venue of choice and book your event on a Sunday, granted they have a sweet discount to take advantage of, especially if budget is a concern.

This price break isn’t just for the venue either so reach out to other vendors as well for cost savings as many do offer discounts.

The other thing is that you can also pick that Awesome venue that you fell in love with that you probably wouldn’t be able to afford on a Saturday.

Number Two Is Availability


Because Sundays are not a prime day for most events except for going to Church and maybe Golden Corral afterwards lol, chances of your venue of interest being available are a lot better so don’t wait and BOOK THAT DATE! 

Number Three Reason to have Your Wedding on Sunday


Intimacy is another main reason for Sunday weddings. By default, Saturdays are party days/nights ! Everyone can party like it’s 1999 on a Saturday. Your guest list of 150 can easily turn into 300, regardless of RSVP’s! IT’S SATURDAY!

Sunday weddings are general smaller in terms of guests attendance. Sundays can give you an intimate setting based on guests alone not being able to go because they may have to work the following day. Let’s not pretend like there’s not people that we really wouldn’t want to invite, anyway : )

Most weddings, on average, are 100-150 guests. On Sundays, 50-100. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve provided DJ services for couples with up to 300 guests; however, that’s a rarity. AND it can still be a party but with much less people. There’s also something about smaller guests weddings that screams romanticism and intimacy. You can just feel the love in the air!

Number Four Reason to have Your Wedding on Sunday


Sunday weddings give you and your guests that extra day to properly prepare for your wedding; either by buying gifts, an extra day to find an outfit or suit, etc. 

Chances are, you and your soon to be spouse will have the whole week off prior to that Saturday or Friday. Not the case for your guests; however if your wedding is on Sunday, it also gives them more time to shop for You! We can’t go empty-handed!

The other thing with time too is that venues usually don’t stay open as late and this can also result in many benefits-

  • End early and be well rested for your next day flight to Your Honeymoon.
  • The safety of your guests, especially those that may have had a couple of drinks.
  • Though weddings are fun, many brides and grooms are sometimes ready for the wedding to be over after a long and exhausting day regardless of how much fun they had.
  • Some of your guests can still make it back to work the following day.

The Fifth Reason to have Your Wedding on Sunday


Chances are, if either you are leaving on your honeymoon or if out of town guests are returning home the following day or two, airfare can be a lot less. 


We hope that these tips give you some clarity or reassurance on having Your Special Day on a Sunday. 

May God Bless Your Marriage

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