Mariachis for Weddings in Houston, Texas

Mariachis for Weddings. You and your family will love them!

Mariachis have been around for centuries and are still used in most traditional style Mexican Weddings and Quinceañeras.

They’re also great for all other occasions. We mainly concentrate on Mariachis for Weddings!

They  are so versatile and they bring flare to events.

Ok, maybe not for bachelorette parties, lol, but hey to each his own, right?

Being Houston DJ’s, from experience,  Wedding Mariachis truly bring a vibe getting the party started or creating a romantic setting.

We recommend them!

From our perspective, Mariachis that perform at weddings are perfect for icebreakers, mood setters and you won’t regret hiring them.

Their naturally loud instruments and voices can carry on throughout most Venues.

Their ability to interact with the audience is awesome! They help prepare the guests for an even more exciting night.

We’re sure you’ll also have Tio/Tia that’ll want to show off their Vicente Fernandez or Juan Gabriel voice/impressions.

Those can be the most entertaining or funniest memories made and all because they play past and present songs relatable to many audiences.

For how long should we hire Mariachis for our Wedding?

For performance times, from our experience, thirty minutes is too short, an hour is just right and an hour and a half to two hours is too long.

Mariachis will generally play a few songs for the guests of honor and gradually work their way across the venue until they have played a song for most or all guests.


Wedding Mariachis in Houston average pricing is around $400 per hour and this is from good to great ones. We have seen pricing as low as $300 for an hour.

Mariachi Songs

Most requested songs are El Rey, El Mariachi Loco, Amor Eterno and of course, Las Mañanitas (birthday song) and these songs are sure to grab your attention.

Mariachis for Quinceañeras

Consider Mariachis for a Quinceañera in Houston or surrounding cities as well. Furthermore, you may want to look for some that are in that age group.

You’ll be surprised with how many young Mariachi groups there are just waiting for their opportunity to show off their skills.

Plus, I’m sure the Quince would much rather have Mariachis her age or a little older singing ‘No Pare, Sigue-Sigue’ / Don’t Stop, Get it-Get it while singing El Mariachi Loco. As a result, the kids will enjoy them and be more receptive to having them.

Connect with your local Houston DJ’s; we usually keep contacts of the very good ones!

This should give you a general idea of Mariachis for Weddings or Quinceañeras in Houston and their services.

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