A Wedding Venue Tip for Your Wedding

Time and Time Again!

If it’s one thing that we see being a conflict with customers and the venue is the time of services resulting in heartache. We’re here to help with what we call Wedding Venue Tips.

No one wants their event to end early and especially when everyone is having a great time.

We’re performing at an event and before you know it, we’re ‘given the light’ by Security indicating that it was time for the last song.

This was AN HOUR AND A HALF sooner than the end time of the event, therefore you can imagine what happened.

The Bride and Groom had a look of confusion. How could this be?! They had the place slotted up till 1am.

The bride and groom were absolutely furious! Bless their hearts.

The security/police were not having it and ended their Special Day.

I didn’t see their contract but he did state that they had the venue until 1am and everyone out by 2am. Security stated different.

I can honestly say that we’ve seen this happen to customers many times resulting many upset couples and talks of litigation.

Wedding Venue Tip – View and Review

With that being said, please ensure that you are clear of what the contract states and that you fully understand the time slots.

Having the venue until Midnight may mean last song at midnight or it may translate to everyone and everything has to be out by 12:00am.

Don’t ever assume anything, especially for a grand event and even more, for paid services. Have a witness, set and write down clear expectations and keep constant communication for knowledge and reassurance.

As always, we are here for you with tips, advice or knowledge from experience. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. We specialize in this service as Wedding DJ’s in Houston.

We’ve helped many couples over and over again resulting in repetitive business. Sometimes, they are not even our customers. We feel that always doing what’s right is always the ultimate goal. Everything else just falls into place.

Good luck with all of your future events and accomplishments!


Jaime & Amanda Martinez

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