More Worse DJ moments As a Houston DJ

Let me add my disclaimers about more of my Worse DJ Moments!
1. It wasn’t my event
2. The information that I requested wasn’t given to me till the day of the event, before the introductions and as a result, things went south.

MC’ing a Wedding

Around 8 years ago, I was asked by a DJ and really, really good friend to MC (Master of Ceremony) for a wedding event in Houston, Texas.

Why did he need me to MC?
He’s a Houston DJ and a great one. Just one difference from then and now; He was more of a club dj.

He’ll keep the dance floor crazy packed with his song selection and mixing abilities BUT he was accustomed to this and not much talking on the microphone.

About a month prior to the event taking place, I asked for information about the event but he himself hadn’t yet received it from his customers.

The Father Daughter Dance

Well, after numerous attempts and failed responses, it is now THE DAY!
I get to the venue, I’m handed the itinerary and ITS GO TIME!
The introductions are going great and everyone is hype because they had a high energy EDM style track for them to enter to.

It’s a simple one too. No parents. Just the flower girls, ring bearer and the bridal party.

The bride and groom are now dancing their First Dance and the hearts are melting around the place. I can’t remember the name of the track but it was very romantic and soft.

Now, usually after the First Dance, the next formality is the Father and Daughter dance.

The song was also a nice song and on the itinerary, next to the Father/Daughter dance was the song and artist name. No added notes.

Epic Fail-

Now I get animated and announce-

Ladies and Gentlemen, and now, the bride will dance with one of the most important persons in her life.


CRICKETS! followed by what may have been a leaky pipe dripping water from above the ceiling after a hard freeze.

Oh wait, yup. Those are tears. Ok, obviously some exaggeration.

The groom looks at me and I don’t understand the look. It was the same look that Iron Mike Tyson gave his opponents prior to the opening bell of the first round therefore, I was wanting to now give him my lunch money!

I totally didn’t get it until Mr DJ looks at me and says ‘dude, her dad died about four to five months ago.’
Oh ok and this wasn’t useful information that I could’ve used prior to making the announcements?

My heart dropped.

I apologized to the audience and then announced the person that was dancing in her father’s place.

Yeah, this was on the DJ’s itinerary. His copy had updated scribbly notes.

The copy he handed me didn’t.

My Sincere Apology

A couple of hours into the event, I introduced myself to the bride and groom and give them my sincere condolences and apologies and they forgave the my mistake.

Of course myself, my wife and some of my DJ friends joke about it now and add exaggeration to it now-
‘And now ladies and gentlemen, you’ll witness one of the most emotional dances, our bride will dance with one of the most important men in her life, the person that always stood by her side, her true hero, the one and only so take out your cameras and have them napkins ready as she now dances with Daddy!’
Uh, her father passed away.


If it’s one thing I truly believe in is communication and it’s the most simple yet important thing it all aspects of life.

Constant communication would have prevented this.

Many times when people book our services, we ask to always meet several times prior to the event, therefore less chances of mishaps. This may include payments made to our services but it’s mainly for clarification- music selection, pronunciation of names, time slots for formalities, etc.
We don’t mind doing this. Believe it or not, it’s more to our benefit. Why? Well, this day has to be as flawless as possible and ultimately, we have to be at our best to continue to do what we do in this customer service/cater to industry. If We do Good, you all WILL Look Great.

I hope this puts things in perspective as to why many of us Pro DJ’s, Entertainers, Coordinators are very detail oriented. As a result, we only want the best for your event. We will do our absolute best for you but we do ask that in return, that you personally invest time with us to help achieve that desired outcome. An Awesome, Memorable and Successful Event
Jaime R. Martinez
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