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More wedding venue tips; Howecer, this applies more to hotels. With the economy being unpredictable, everyone is trying to do more for less, hence this recommendation. In some cases, the quality isn’t necessarily diminished. Maybe just slightly altered.

A Tip for A Tip?

Geared more for hotels. One tip that I give to customers that have booked their venue is to take advantage of the venue’s resources.

Usually, prior to the Party arriving, you’ll already have guests awaiting your presence. There will h’orderves, cocktails, a candy bar, etc.

A DJ is usually hired to perform for around 4-5 hours and the cocktail or early dinner part of the service is sometimes not part of this time slot or eats away from the overall DJ’s hired time slot.

We’ve been asked before if we can be hired for extra hours to play music during this time up until the party arrives and dinner starts and this happens a lot to us Houston DJ’s but we don’t mind. : )

Now, this is easy money for the Houston DJ. Why lie? We’ll play soft reception music while everyone is mingling BUT we do recommend an alternative.

In-House Sound Systems

Most hotels have sound systems that conveniently play soft music: Jazz, Classical, etc., therefore options for savings.

Instead of spending an extra couple of hundred bucks on the DJ in Houston, ask your hotel coordinator/planner if they can provide this service during these times and with technology being so advanced, trust me, all they have to do is push a button or two and ‘LET THERE BE SOUND!’

Music can be played at a desired volume to help people feel more relaxed and receptive to open conversation instead of being too reserved or tense because it is awkwardly silent in the venue.

I know for a fact that many of our customers have opted for this alternative and were very happy and appreciative to have saved some extra cash that can be used at, I don’t know, uh maybe a margarita or two while looking over some exotic beach at their honeymoon?! Or, we gave you a tip, give us one? Ha! We only kid! We’d much rather an awesome review on Facebook or Google : )

We hope that any and all information that we provide can help you in one way or another. As a result, this can prevent heartaches or save you money. We are here to give you tips and want you to use those that apply.


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