Houston DJ’s for Weddings, Meeting the Customer

We meet with potential customers pretty frequently

First thing’s first.  What’s your budget? Oh, I’m sorry, what did you say your name was? JUST KIDDING!!!

If you’ve already arranged a meeting with your client, please remember their name when greeting them.  Yes, I have been at fault to that but have really improved over the years.

Some of us tend to revert to good behavior habits such as when job interviewing.  We want to be at our best.


Well, we’re Dj’s!! And with great dj skills comes great responsibilities ( I stole that line from Spider Man)
We’re good friends lol.

I digress.

And this is exactly what I’m referring to. Learn to be yourself in a professional yet fun way.  Remember, customers, for the most part, want someone with enthusiasm and a sense of humor. YOU are the one providing the service.

Business is business, so naturally, you’ll know when to be serious and when not to.

The goal is to establish a connection with your customer immediately.  My wife and I are great at doing this. We are professional yet fun.

As soon as we see the customer, it’s an immediate eye to eye connection.

I probably say this in other articles, and why not again.   Customers, many times, are nervous. They don’t do this too often and many are spending time and money.  A Wedding/Quinceañera/Sweet 16th is a huge expense.  You have to make them feel comfortable and confident.

Even simple questions can go along way and are great for ice breakers
“Have trouble finding the place? Luckily my GPS got me here this time. Last place it took me to was the ocean. I didn’t even know my car floated.”

This may have sounded a bit corny, but if the client smiles or giggles, that’s a good thing. They may want to relate one of their experiences with you, and if so, even better. They are now feeling comfortable and you’ve just opened the lines of communication.

Get Down to Business

From this point on, go to work.  Fade away from the jokes and get busy. Always remember, this IS their event and an extremely important one.

I can go on and on with tips and advise, did I just say the same thing?

There I go again!
Well, I believe you get the picture.

The rest you’ll have to do on your own, but remember to always listen and all ideas are good ones.

Jaime Martinez
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